Premium Automation, Telecommunications & Security Technology Solutions.

Consolutec Solutions has a customer-centric focus and will do the best to source products that our customers desire in a timely manner.

We bring the most advanced technology into the homes and business of our clients and design tailor made solutions for every client at every site. We listen to your needs. 

Consolutec Solutions provide our clients with the following:

CCTV Systems

Emergency Lights and Sirens

Access Control


Office & Home Automation Systems

Smart GSM PTT Radios

PABX Systems

Public Address & Music Systems

Broadband Solutions

On-Site and Off-Site Management

Consolutec Solutions also supplies on-site management for systems and equipment, thus alleviating manpower and unnecessary costs. We fully train the technician for the systems in question and only bill you as needed and for what is overseen as to the client’s requirements. The technician can directly report to the client or the relevant management team at Consolutec Solutions.

Off Site Monitoring

We offer off-site monitoring of CCTV for corporate client, making use of premium software and highly sophisticated analytics, and we monitor the stability of systems and troubleshoot as needed remotely before the system goes down or even alerts the client. This being said, if in the unfortunate event that we are unable to remotely rectify the system, our system will automatically dispatch a technician to your site with spares to find a resolution.

Tailor Made Technology Solutions

With Consolutec, We will fully understand your exact requirements prior to issuing a quotation,

We do this by:

Having a comprehensive meeting with the client followed by understanding the exact clients needs and requirements thereafter we will issue a proposal on the solution with three options ranging from "Good, Better and Best" Solutions and generate a quotation,Upon approval we will implement and commission the required system within 24 to 48 hours.


Consolutec Solutions is focused on world-class brands accompanied by world-class service and affordability. We have the capability and manpower to supply both individuals and large businesses in South Africa. Our customer-centric focus allows us to provide our clients with a highly comprehensive and personalised service that meet all requirements, and exceed them too.

Simplistically Affordable 

We offer tailor made finance solutions on all your technology requirements, be it home or business. 

We can finance your required solution from a mere three months to a maximum of five years though certain partners. Value dependent, Consolutec can offer in house finance too.

The benefits hereof is that there is no direct capital outlay, allowing you to hold onto your cash and allowing you to depreciate the system over a period of time. 

All our financed systems come with a maintenance plan, ensuring we keep it in tip top shape and preventing you from incurring any additional costs or nasty surprises. This way you know what your system will cost you each month allowing for easy budgeting.